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World Conference on Youth 2014

MIJARC World at the :

World Conference on Youth 2014-Colombo



From the 6th to the 10th of May 2014, our general secretary Claire Quintin went to Colombo in Sri Lanka under the name of MIJARC World, in order to attend the World Conference on Youth.



The topic of this conference was : « Mainstreaming Youth in the Post-2015 Developement Agenda ».

The objectives of such a meeting is to encourage young people to look at the progress reached to realise the Milennium Development Goals, to sensibilize to the World Programme of Action for Youth and to facilitate partnerships between young people, with youth organisations and associatives movements all over thr world.

This conference gathered not only youth delegates from 147 countries and more than 300 youth movements delegates coming from various organisations in the world, but also ministers and representatives from more than 40 countries.

During these few days participants had have the occasion to debate about several crucial subjects about world youth, such as: to facilitate the access of young people to the job market and to entrepreneurship, to help young people to get an equal access o a quality education, to eradicate pauverty and famine, to promote healthy ways of life and an accesse to health services, to lead to peace, to reconciliation and to the end of violence in regions in conflict, etc...


So Claire Quintin attended this conference to speak in the name of MIJARC and to defend the interests of our organisation and its ideas. Her presence permited to show that MIJARC is present and has a role whithin th world youth, and that the movement has influence at the world level.

This meeting of young people from all over the world has also been the occasion for MIJARC, via our secretary general to get to know more about the coordination ICMYO (more infos on: http://icmyo.org/), and about other caholical organisations suche as FIMCAP or Pax Romana-IMCS.


At the end of this conference a declaration has been written, you can find it on the link bellow:

Thursday, June 5, 2014


IN DEFENCE OF PEASANTS AND FARMERS SEEDS To strengthen the call made by
La Via Campesina [9] worldwide, the European Coordination Via Campesina
would like to strongly encourage people to organise activities
throughout Europe on the theme of seeds on 17TH OF APRIL 2014, TO MARK

This theme is particularly important since on the 11th of March the
European Parliament rejected the European Commissions regulation
proposal for the marketing of seeds (PRM), published in May 2013. This
vote has taken place in the context of a Europe dominated by trade
negotiations with the USA, known as TAFTA, and the European Parliament
election campaign until May 2014 (more information HERE).

Last months mobilisation was just a warm up:
we have not won the battle yet,
as the same issues will arise again in the near future.

Whichever direction the European institutions take (continuing with the
current proposal, reconsidering the text or to shifting it to TAFTA
negotiations), seed regulation will be revised over the coming months.
This means we must fight another battle for seed regulation guaranteeing
the fundamental rights of farmers over their seeds, and we cannot afford
to loose.

These actions will follow on from the action that took place in Brussels
20th of January, in defence of farmers seeds_ in your own country_ and
in preparation for the next stage of mobilisation


Plant local seeds,
Harvest global future!

Find more information here

Thursday, April 17, 2014


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