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World News

MIJARC World Coordination meeting

MIJARC World Coordination 2015 met in Munich (Germany). After 3 days of hard work, it was closed with a happy mood yesterday.


Friday, July 31, 2015

Call for candidates: external advisor

MIJARC World is looking for an external advisor, for a long term mission:

External Advisor – Mission Proposal:

Position:  External Advisor
Organization:  International Movement of Catholic Agricultural and rural Youth (MIJARC)
Location:  Teleworking and travels to MIJARC World members and activities
Salary: To be negociated
Application deadline:  20th June 2015

As a 60 years old organization, it’s important to take a step aside and look at how our organization is working. We need to have an external eye to help asking ourselves the right questions and accompany us to answer to our challenges.
Main function of External Advisor:
To Guide MIJARC international leaders to:
  • Critically analyze the structure of the organization (methodology of action, decision process, financial strategy…)
  • Plan the analysis of the organization during one year, following a bottom-up methodology
  • Secure income according to the movement strategy, targets and financial forecasts.
Eligible criteria:
  • Should have more than 10 years of experience working with external advising to social movements or organizations
  • Experience at international level and intercultural context
  • Knowledge about rural issues
  • Strong skills in listening,analysis,synthesis, reformulating and pedagogy,
  • Should be familiar with English and French/Spanish.
  • Able serve up to Dec, 2016.
  1. Coordination : Discussion with the world team and staff to define the lines of the advising process
  2. Shared diagnostic: Gather and consolidate intelligence to build up a shared diagnostic of the organization’s actual situation
  3. Advising : set up an action plan at global level to sustain the organization
  4. Follow-up: ensure that the action plan to rethink the organization is moving foreward, until the General Assembly 2016 and its concrete implementation.
The mission will not be a full-time mission, but will consist in sporadic meetings and follow-up to accompany the international team and staff. The total working time required will consist of at least 1 month of meetings and inputs, 2 months of preparation, analysis, synthesis and documents preparation, and 1 month of coordination and follow-up. (An estimated amount of 3 months work, spread from July 2015 till December 2016).
MIJARC world is committed to equal opportunities and welcomes applications from appropriately qualified people from all sections of the community. Qualified people living with Rural Youth are particularly encouraged to apply.”


Please share this call with friends and colleagues who may be interested!


More informations in the document enclosed

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


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