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35th (special) FAO Conference 18-22 November 2008

The special session of the 35th FAO conference has been convened to accelerate the implementation taken by the member nations on the recommendations of the Independent External Evaluation (I.E.E) of FAO. In this important reform process member nations, management and staff of FAO shared their vision of a world that is free from hunger and malnutrition and underlined the fact that Food and agriculture must contribute to improve the living standards of the people particularly the poorest and thus to ensure sustainable economic development. In an evermore economic and climatic context FAO must adapt reform and changes to meet the expectation of the member nations through building of a new FAO which requires dedication, determination, good will, mutual trust, hard work from everyonewho is part of FAO; FAO has to redouble the effort to face the challenges ofthe present world today.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Resolution on food crisis

Food, Agriculture and Rural areas: an alarming present situation

Since several months, food is becoming increasingly scarce and expensive, and it is already unaffordable for many people. According to Josette Sheeran, director ofthe World Food Program, "there are 854 million hungry people in the world and 4 million more join their ranksevery year. We are facing the tightest food supplies in recent history. For the world's most vulnerable, food is simply being priced out of their reach". The world's 200 wealthiest people have as much money as about 40 percent of the global population, while about 850 million people go tobed hungry every night. This calamity is "one of the worst violations of human dignity," says former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

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Monday, October 13, 2008


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