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About us

Mission Statement

MIJARC Europe is a non-governmental organisation for rural youth, by rural youth. We promote sustainable agricultural, rural and international development, European citizenship, youth policies, gender equality, environmental protection, interculturality and human rights. Considering the Christian values, we strive to implement and raise awareness about these issues and goals by facilitating inter-cultural exchanges, camps, seminars and non-formal learning opportunities in a sustainable and culturally sensitive manner. Employing our methodology of 'see-judge-act', we encourage the participation of young people to build the Europe of tomorrow.


MIJARC in Europe...

Gathers about 150 000 members and contacts in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Catalonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain.


MIJARC Europe, the International Movement of Catholic Agricultural and Rural Youth is:

  • a democratic movement of self-organised young people
  • a European network of national and regional movements
  • an educational movement, aware of the problems of the rural youth in Europe
  • an action movement working for and with young people to create social change (through lobbying, advocacy...)
  • a movement based on Christian values
  • a movement which gathers young people who want to commit themselves to improve the life of their villages and to build a better world


What MIJARC Europe can offer you

Through MIJARC you can...

  • come into contact with youngsters from all over Europe and the world to build up networks
  • exchange your ideas about your situation and experiences
  • get training on topics like rural development…
  • link your projects and create common ones together with other young people in Europe
  • contribute to build up a common political position on the European level for a fair rural world
  • promote your positions - MIJARC is the voice of rural youngsters towards the decision makers!


Activies of MIJARC Europe:

  • working groups
  • trainings
  • study sessions
  • seminars
  • exchanges of rural youth groups (Summer Camps)
  • campaigns


All these activities are open to participate. Contact MIJARC Europe  or your  national movement.


MIJARC Europe methodology:

MIJARC follows the methodology of Cardinal Joseph Cardijn (1882-1967), founder of the Young Christian Workers Movement. It is known as revision of life, reflection/action or see-judge-act. This methodology not only allows a better understanding of problems but wants also to contribute to the solution of the problems by action. See-judge-act methodology enables young rural people to analize their living conditions and act either by concrete local projects, training and formation activities or policital actions.


Belonging to:

MIJARC Europe is member of the European Youth Forum (YFJ) and of the European Coordination - Via Campesina (ECVC).



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