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MIJARCs Annual report 2009 is online

The year 2009 was marked by several important events for MIJARC: The World Social Forum in Belem, Lux’09 in Luxembourg, COP 15 in Copenhagen, World Summit on Food Security in Rome, the CFS of FAO Reform and several other important meetings. Thanks to our partners MIJARC, was able to participate in all these meetings to give rural youth a voice.

The internal development of MIJARC had two faces in 2009: Since MIJARC brings up a lot of good activities by local, regional, national, continental and international movement(s), the recognition of MIJARC towards institutions on different levels is quite well. But the International General Secretariat lost a lot of financial supporters in 2009 and spent a lot of time finding funds for guaranteeing work, which has to go on in 2010. Several Agencies decided to cut the subventions for the structure, which brings the existence of the General Secretariat in danger. We are continuously in contact with our continental movements, who share the same experience. Thus with this annual report we want to thank our supporters, especially our members for the help and work done to MIJARC. But also we want to show what we did in the last year and to launch a discussion within and among the donor agencies on the way forward in collaboration with international movements and specifically the International Movement of Catholic Agricultural and Rural Youth (MIJARC). Our members are doing a lot of work and at the same time MIJARC has to fear of dissolution of structures, which will have negative impact to the rural world....

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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